is back

Dear friends,

It is good to be back.

Let me give a brief background on for those who are not familier around here. We were initially a web portal which was launched in May 2010 with the intention of providing a common platform for the friends across  CA(Chartered Accountants) community (students and professionals) to connect together, collaborate, share knowledge and information. was created by a group of students pursuing various professional courses in finance and commerce and was able to help the fellow students with updates, study materials, notes and other relevant information for their studies.

However, during its course around 2015, due to some technical/ managerial issues, we stopped providing updates and support through this webportal . We sincerely apologise to the users for discontinuing our services at that point of time. Though the portal was offline, we were getting a lot of messages and requests through our social media pages about the website. But, due to some difficulties, we couldn’t work behind the old web portal and eventually the portal went offline.

Having said that, we are re-launching “” now.  Hurraaay 🙂 !!  Don’t know about you, but we are for sure excited… for the new version of CArockers.

Why a relaunch after all these years ? Well, it is the pure desire to spread the knowledge, help each other!.

Unlike earlier, we are not making as a  webportal for now. We will now be keeping this in a blog format for a while.  Check out this space for further posts and updates.

You can also follow us on our facebook page @carockersportal.

Cheers !!!!


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